Old Ghent Picture Tour

During this private tour you will be immersed in the rich history of Ghent in an original and visual way. On the basis of old and less old pictures, the guide paints a picture of what Ghent used to look like, and how certain buildings and squares have undergone a true metamorphosis in recent centuries. Or sometimes not! The fascinating history, the exciting city legends and the many fun facts are presented in typical Charlie style: with a sense of humor and a lot of interaction! During the tour, you will be spoiled with a delicious local speciality!

• Private Tour (+- 2 hours)
• Starting point: entrance Saint Michael’s Church
• Available languages: English & Dutch
• Cost: €18 per person (min. €210) - Taxes are included
• Optional:
- Extra local (sweet) specialities during the tour + €12 p.p.
- Tasting local genever during the tour + €5 p.p.

- Tips & help with planning your team day, such as finding a suitable restaurant or hotel and booking additional activities: for free!

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