Discover Ghent as a real museum city! The best way to do this is to start at the STAM, at the Bijloke site. This city museum tells the story of Ghent, from the Middle Ages until the present. After the warm-up you are ready for the more serious work, and you go towards the Citadel park. Here you find the Museum of Contemporary Art (SMAK). On the other side of the street there’s a Walhalla for lovers of fine art, namely the MSK. No overdose of art & culture yet? Then you enter the city center, direction Design museum & Textile museum. In the Huis van Alijn you’ll discover the habits and traditions of the locals, and the evolution they have gone through in the past decades. However, we saved the best for last! The Castle of the Counts, the medieval castle - located right in the middle of the center - is a museum by itself. The knight's hall, the dungeon and the phenomenal view will bring you back into the Middle Ages. You will also find a range of torture instruments and a weapon collection. To have the complete overview of museums in Ghent, go to the site of Visit Gent