There are more than 600 bars in Ghen.. So be sure you’ll find your spot! Charlie often visits the Manteca, a genuine pub a stone's throw from the Korenmarkt. Move among the locals and enjoy a Gulden Draak on the terrace, watching the medieval towers of Ghent. Concerts can be attended in the nearby Hot Club Gent and Missy Sippy. Fan of the harder work? Then go to the Kinky Star! You’re a fan of cocktails and special flavors? Then café Otis - near Patershol - is a good option. Moreover, they have a large heated terrace there, which is not a luxury during the winter months. The men of Jiggers & The Drifter also raise the art of cocktail shaking to a higher level. You will find both bars in the same street as Otis, namely Oudburg. For romantic evenings Gitane and Rococo offer the perfect setting. If you have already passed that phase, you can check the football in De Croone - on the Vrijdagsmarkt - or Het Waterhuis aan de Bierkant. Don’t you find your favorite beer out there? Then move to De Dulle Griet. With more than 500 beers, they have the largest selection of Ghent. Cheers! After a few glasses of beer, the atmosphere might be right and you would like to go for a good night out. Then make your way to the epicenter of Ghent's nightlife: Bij Sint-Jacobs. While den Aap and Afsnis are still reasonably calm, the situation is slightly different in the Charlatan. This club is the 'last resort' for many locals!