About Charlie

Fun & interactive tours, with local guides

Charlie Tours is a top Ghent guide organization, founded by Ghent-born Nick Vandecasteele:

For many years I owned, with great enthusiasm, a local pub - restoBAR Charlie - at the Patershol, the oldest neighbourhood in the city. A (night)life full of fun & rock 'n roll! During this time as bar owner, I came to the conclusion that my love for the city of Ghent and for entertaining people, is much greater than my passion for Trappist beers and gin & tonics.

Which motivated me to start working as a volunteer for a guides organization. For 4 years I gained experience as a guide and deepened myself in the fascinating history of Ghent...

At the end of 2017, I decided to follow my great passion: guiding. I closed the doors of restoBAR Charlie for good, and from that time on Charlie would continue to live as a guide organization. "Charlie Tours" was born!

As a proud local I now consider it an absolute privilege to guide visitors around my beautiful Ghent on a daily basis, with a touch of rock 'n roll!